Find bearing cross references and part number interchange

The quickest way to determine which bearing you require is using the bearings reference number, or manufacturer part number.

Most bearings have their references numbers engraved on the bearings themselves, but these often rub off over time and so it may be necessary to measure the bearing yourself.

Find bearings by dimension

It is sometimes necessary to measure bearings to determine the correct bearing type. You can measure the dimensions of a bearing by using a vernier calliper or a ruler.

All bearings will have a width, an inner diameter and an outside diameter.

Once you have determined the dimensions of your bearing, you can use our bearing search tool to find the correct bearing.


Bearing dimensions


What are the different types of bearings?

There are many bearings and they all come in different sizes and materials, but essentially all bearings can be divided in three main types of bearing - roller bearings, ball bearings and needle bearings. 

Ball Bearing - A ball bearing uses loose balls to maintain separation between the two races.

 Roller Bearing - The same as a ball bearing but instead of balls, a roller is used to maintain the separation.

Needle Bearing - a small bearing which uses small rollers to reduce the friction between the races


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