HSV30 C1SS THK Linear Guideway Carriage by THK from THK range of Linear motion, and Linear Guideway Carriages. Contact us for price request. We ship worldwide from our European locations in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Spain


  • Dimensions
  • Weight (g): 1.100,00
  • HSV series, Block

    ? 4-way Equal Load ? Practically a global standard size
    ? Heavy load, high rigidity ? Superb capability of absorbing mounting error

    The technological evolution inherent in the HSV guides includes, among other things, an engineering of the carriages that has optimized the components, increasing their reliability and an overall design of the new guide that increases their durability.
    The HSV series inherits the most important features of the best known HSR series. Also in this case, the four-ball recirculating carriages slide on high-precision ground precision guides, are equipped with a ball retention system and the structure of the recirculating fronts guarantees a smooth and silent movement.

    In addition, each row of balls is placed at a contact angle of 45 °, effectively making the nominal loads applied to the carriage uniform in the four directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral) and allowing the guide to be used in any orientation. Their construction feature gives the guide a remarkable ability to compensate for misalignments during installation which could affect the precision of the stroke. The HSV blocks allows high precision and homogeneous sliding, without forgetting that a well-balanced preload increases its rigidity in the four directions while keeping the friction coefficient constant and limited.

    The HSV guide the ideal solution also for all those applications where the small space of assembly is an important element for the realization of the application itself. The absence of differential sliding – even in the presence of preload or high partial load – ensures that motion remains fluid with the result of making the guide particularly resistant to wear and therefore with the possibility of carrying out long working cycles.



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