MNNL9-G3 SCHNEEBERGER Linear Guideway Carriage by Schneeberger from SCHNEEBERGER range of Linear motion, and Linear Guideway Carriages. Contact us for price request. We ship worldwide from our European locations in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Spain


  • Dimensions
  • Weight (g): 31,00
  • Miniature guideways, MINIRAIL carriages with long-term lubrication LUBE-S, micro frictionless tables and integrated distance measuring system.
    Miniature guideways are compact and precise for maximum productivity. Maintenance free guideways – lubricant reservoir directly integrated into MINIRAIL carriages.
    The miniature guideways MINIRAIL, the micro frictionless tables MINISLIDE and the integrated distance measuring systems MINISCALE PLUS, which have a major impact thanks to their degree of precision, robustness and versatility, were developed for high speeds and accelerations in the work process.

    Carriage Versions: (MNNS = Short), (MNN = Standard), (MNNL = Long), (MNNXL = Extra Long)

    SCHNEEBERGER offers a total of four different accuracy classes for its MONORAIL guideways. They allow the user to make an accurate, application-specific selection of the guideways in line with design requirements.

    -G0 : Extremely accurate: Examples of use: Measuring machines, Dressing units
    -G1 : Very accurate: Examples of use: Measuring machines, Dressing units, CNC machines, CNC machining centres
    -G2 : Accurate: Examples of use: CNC machines, CNC machining centres, Handling, robotics, secondary axes
    -G3 : Standard : Examples of use: Handling, robotics, secondary axes

    Preload class: V0.
    Operating conditions: Very low-friction guideways for even loading, Minimal vibrations.
    Examples of use: Manual axes, Small axes and table systems for: electronics/cleanroom/medical technology, Secondary axes, Linear motor axes

    Preload class: V1
    Operating conditions: Low-friction guideways for even loading, Minimal vibrations.
    Examples of use: Handling axes, Robotics, Measuring systems, Laboratory facilities, Auxiliary and secondary axes

    Preload class: V2
    Operating conditions: High rigidity, Medium alternating loads and vibrations
    Examples of use: Machine tools with light cutting forces, Grinding machines, Machines for woodworking, Water jet systems, Laser cutting systems, Eroding machines

    Preload class: V3
    Operating conditions: Maximum rigidity, High shock loads and vibrations, Greatly changing, high loads and moments
    Examples of use: Machine tools with high cutting forces, Press machines, Milling centres, Lathes, Drilling machines



SCHNEEBERGER is a leading European company specialist in linear guideways, setting new standards in terms of durability, reliability, and efficiency. With important production locations in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and China, the name SCHNEEBERGER is synonymous with modern linear guide technology throughout the world.
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