R166489410 BOSCH REXROTH Linear Guideway Carriage by Bosch Rexroth from BOSCH REXROTH range of Linear motion, and Linear Guideway Carriages. Contact us for price request. We ship worldwide from our European locations in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Spain

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  • Dimensions
  • Weight (g): 324,00
  • Bosh Rexroth R166489410 Ball Runner Blocks SKN, Size 20, C0 Without preload (clearance), Accuracy class N, SS Standard seal, No initial lubrication BSHP Ball Runner Block SKN, standard, steel, without ball chain, R1664 1.

    Slim short low
    Area of application: For restricted space in the upward, longitudinal and transverse direction
    Maximum precision
    Patented entry zone increases the travel accuracy up to a factor of six
    Significantly reduced frictional oscillations and low friction level, particularly under external load
    Long-term lubrication is possible over several years
    Lube fittings with metal threads on all sides
    End-face fastening thread for all attachments
    Can be used on all SNS/SNO Ball Guide Rails
    Integrated all-around sealing
    Preload classes: C0 (without preload, clearance) and C1 (moderate preload)
    Optional integrated, inductive and wear-free measuring system
    Optimized entry-zone geometry and high number of balls minimize variation in elastic deflection

    Due to the Rexroth design with four rows of balls, 2-point contact is available in all loading directions. This reduces the friction to a minimum. Other ball rail systems with two or four rows of balls with 4-point contact have multiple friction: due to the differential slip with lateral loading and in case of comparable prestressing without the load, the gothic raceway profile causes higher friction (depending on the raceway curvature and the load, up to five times the friction coefficient). This high friction leads correspondingly to greater heat.

    Seals are use to prevent dirt, chips and coolants, etc. from working their way into the inside of he Ball Runner Block, thereby preventing reductions to its service life.

    Standard seal (SS)
    Universal seals are fitted as standard in Rexroth Ball Runner Blocks. They have a uniform sealing effect for Ball Guide Rails with and without cover strips. Low friction and a good sealing effect have both been taken into account in the design. For applications where effective sealing is required.

    Low-friction seal (LS)
    For special requirements with regard to ease of movement.

    Double-lip seal (DS)
    For increased exposure to media

    Front seal
    For applications in environments with fine dirt or metal particles, as well as coolants or cutting fluids. Interchangeable during servicing.

    FKM seal
    For applications in extreme environments with fine dirt or metal particles, as well as heavy use of coolants or cutting fluids. Interchangeable during servicing.

    Cover plate wiper
    For use in environments with coarse dirt or chips

    Preload classes
    C0 = Without preload (clearance)
    C1 = Moderate preload
    C2 = Average preload
    C3 = High preload


Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is a leading specialist in the field of drive and control technologies, developing innovative linear motion technology for machine and plant manufacturers all over the world. Bosch Rexroth AG is based in Lohr am Main in Germany, and it is the result of a merger between Mannesmann Rexroth AG and the Automation Technology Business Unit of Robert Bosch GmbH.
Rexroth Linear Motion supplier and distributor
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